“Shame is the biggest obstacle facing young people with mental health disabilities.”  -Eve Hill, Chair, Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

Spread the message that we are #NotAshamed to be living with a mental health disability. You have the ability to take the power away from centuries old stigma and misconceptions about mental health disability. Promote truth about mental health. Spread awareness that mental fitness matters to everyone, as a component of overall wellness, just like nutrition and physical fitness.

The time is now to make a stand. People should not be held down, dismissed, bullied, or belittled because of a mental health disability. Join us in our mission to replace fear with knowledge, hate with understanding, and shame with pride.

We are strong. We are united. We are #NotAshamed!

Take Action to End Mental Health Stigma Today


Submit a video as a person living with a mental health disability.

  • Sample Script: My name is _________ [insert name]. I am _________ [insert profession]. I am a person living with __________ [insert metal health disability]. #NotAshamed.

Submit an ally video.

  • Sample Script: My name is _________ [insert name]. I support the #NotAshamed campaign because __________ [insert reason for supporting]. #NotAshamed.

Enroll for Bender Leadership Academy programming.

  • Programming is available for youth with disabilities.

Apply to become a volunteer speaker.

  • Guest speaker topics include mental health, disability advocacy, mental wellness, career readiness, civic engagement, and leadership.

Become a funder.

  • Empower youth with disabilities by funding the Bender Leadership Academy’s programs and scholarships.

Become a community partner.

  • Apply to host the Bender Leadership Academy’s work-readiness and certification programs. Partnerships available for business owners and educational institutions.


  • Place your phone on a stable surface in landscape mode. Do not record the video in selfie mode.
  • Use a mobile phone stand, lean it against something, or have a friend help to keep the camera steady.
  • Record in a quiet space, with no echo effects.
  • Protect your privacy. Ensure the space where you record the video does not contain you do not wish the social media community to see.
  • Ensure the space is well lit.
  • Share on social media with the tag #NotAshamed.